Content Box - Sectional Full Width Elements

Simple Background Images

Here is another section, with text over the background image... However, we added dark text setting on a boxed content, with a transparency option. We also added a blue transparency overlay to the background image. Just to give this sample page some colour

What is a Content Box?

This is a content box. A content box is where you can add content, and this content can be padded or aligned, width reduced, and you can even add background image. To access those options, please first click here, then click the "change section settings" button bottom right.

A content box is also place to add snippet blocks. Click in this section of text to add new snippets using the green "Add snippet block" button below, or use orange X red icon to remove snippets. A snippet is like a row.

What is a section?

This side is another content box, but 2 boxes side by side is a section. 

A section or a box, have much the same meaning, but more specifically, a section may contain more than one content box within it. 

This section does not include the sliding banners above, that is a another section.

Sample Background Slider Section

Add/remove slides, and thumbnails from the thumbnails block below

Change the size of this section using the blue "Change Section Settings" button bottom right, or the Cog icon top left. 

Responsive Snippets

Add snippet blocks for responsive text. There is a toolbar at the top of the screen for styling small amounts of text, and adding a link or icon here or there, but for the best possible layout, you should add snippet blocks, using the green button below. If you don't see the green button, you need to first click on this text to edit (while in CMS mode, not while viewing it)

These images are laid out as 3 columns, side by side on desktop.

But in mobile responsive mode, they would run down the page, one after the other. 

If you want to change the image, just hover over the image and click the button in the middle of the image.

Sorry for adding so much content

We added a lot of content to get you started so you can see just what the content box can do. This section/box has a background colour. And it is only half as wide. Padding and whitespace helps so much.

If you want a tip on how to delete all this content quickly. Look for the [x] icon top left, and you can delete 1 section at a time. 

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